4 Reasons Starting a Digital Marketing Agency from Scratch with No Business Experience is Easier Than Ever

Hackalogy - Starting a Digital Marketing Agency From Scratch

This is a new era of digital marketing, where starting your own agency from scratch has never been easier.

Imagine standing on the edge of a vast, uncharted territory. Instead of unexplored land, you see a thriving digital world filled with promise. The digital landscape has transformed into a veritable goldmine for entrepreneurs, levelling the playing field and shattering barriers like never before.

In this blog post, we’ll dive into the four reasons why starting a digital marketing agency from scratch is not only feasible but also a good opportunity to turn your passion for digital marketing into a successful business venture.

When we say “from scratch,” it does not necessarily mean starting from absolute zero. Instead, we assume you understand digital marketing concepts and techniques but may lack business experience setting up a digital marketing agency.

#1 The Democratization of Digital Marketing

Digital marketing has been democratized, making it easier for anyone to start a digital marketing agency. 

Starting an agency in the past required significant financial investment, advanced technical skills, and a large team of experts. However, today’s digital marketing tools and platforms are more accessible and affordable than ever before. Deloitte’s report highlights how the democratization of technology has reduced entry barriers for small businesses, allowing them to compete with larger firms. This is particularly evident in digital marketing, where small businesses can leverage technology to reach a wider audience and build their brand without incurring huge costs.

In addition, social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, and TikTok have revolutionized how businesses of all sizes connect with their target audience. These platforms provide an affordable way for businesses to reach potential customers and engage with their existing audience. Consequently, small businesses can now compete with established companies, and new opportunities for growth and success are emerging.

Also, the democratization of digital marketing has created new career opportunities for individuals from diverse backgrounds. In the past, technical expertise and marketing degrees dominated the field. However, digital marketing now offers a more accessible and inclusive career path. Anyone can acquire the necessary skills and knowledge through online resources like Google Digital Garage, Coursera, and Udemy to start their agency or work for an existing one.

Furthermore, digital marketing values creativity and innovation over traditional qualifications. The industry highly values thinking outside the box and creating unique, engaging campaigns that resonate with audiences. As a result, individuals from non-traditional backgrounds, such as artists, writers, and designers, can bring a fresh perspective to the industry and create successful campaigns.

#2 The Power of Community

The power of community cannot be underestimated when starting a successful digital marketing agency. 

Joining communities and networking with others in the field can help you gain insights into the industry, learn about new trends and technologies, and find potential clients and collaborators. Networking is essential for entrepreneurs as it allows them to access resources and knowledge they wouldn’t have otherwise.

Furthermore, by joining digital marketing communities on platforms like LinkedIn, Facebook, and Reddit, you can connect with others who share the same interests and goals, learn from their experiences, and gain valuable insights to help you grow your agency.

Additionally, attending events and conferences related to digital marketing can provide opportunities for learning, networking, and finding potential clients. Many events and conferences offer workshops, keynotes, and panels featuring experts in the industry, providing a wealth of knowledge and inspiration. These events also offer opportunities to connect with others in the field, find potential clients, and build your brand.

List of  Digital Marketing Communities in Singapore 

  1. Asian Digital Marketers (Facebook Group)
  2. Digital Marketing Asia: Singapore & Beyond (Facebook Group)
  3. SEO Academy of Singapore (Up your Google Rankings) (Facebook Group)
  4. iPrima Digital Marketing Society (Facebook Group)
  5. Digital Analytics Wednesdays Singapore (Local Meetup)
  6. Digital Marketing Peeps (Local Meetup)
  7. SEO Signals Lab (Facebook Group)
  8. Dumb SEO Questions (Facebook Group)
  9. Big SEO (Subreddit)
  10. Web Master World (Forum)

#3 The Availability of a Digital Marketing Mentorship Program

Mentorship is a game-changer.

Joining digital marketing communities, and attending events and conferences, are essential; however, for us who’ve been in the industry for over nine years, finding an excellent digital marketing mentor you can trust is a game changer.

According to a study by SCORE, entrepreneurs with a mentor are more likely to succeed than those without. Mentors can help you navigate the challenges of starting a digital marketing agency, offer feedback on your strategies and campaigns, and provide advice on building and managing your team.

Furthermore, finding a mentor in a digital marketing community can provide a sense of accountability and motivation. A mentor can hold you accountable for your goals, provide feedback on your progress, and encourage you to take risks . Having someone to learn from and collaborate with can help you stay focused on building a successful digital marketing agency. With a mentor’s guidance and support, you can overcome challenges and reach your full potential in the industry.

#4 The Development of Structured Digital Marketing Agency Accelerator Courses 

Digital marketing agency accelerator courses provide entrepreneurs with a proven blueprint and collective experience to establish a digital marketing agency. 

These courses offer a step-by-step guide to starting and growing a successful digital marketing agency, covering everything from developing a digital marketing strategy to acquiring and retaining clients. One example of a structured digital marketing agency accelerator course is our new Agency Accelerator Programme. We recently launched this programme in Singapore, which aims to train and guide aspiring digital marketers in establishing a successful digital marketing agency in Southeast Asia.

These programmes help entrepreneurs overcome the everyday challenges of starting a new business. According to a report by the Small Business Administration, a lack of planning is one of the top reasons small businesses fail. Structured courses provide a clear roadmap, helping them avoid common pitfalls and build a sustainable digital marketing agency model.

In addition to offering a comprehensive curriculum and roadmap, structured digital marketing agency accelerator courses also provide a range of benefits that can help grow your agency. For example, these courses provide access to a community of like-minded digital marketers who can offer support and advice throughout the process. This community can help you stay motivated and accountable and provide valuable networking opportunities.

Structured courses also often provide ongoing support and coaching to help you navigate the challenges of growing and scaling your businesses. This support includes regular check-ins, webinars, workshops, and access to a network of successful entrepreneurs who can offer advice and guidance based on their experiences.


The increasing accessibility of digital marketing has lowered the barriers to entry for aspiring entrepreneurs to start their digital marketing agencies. With the democratization of digital marketing, the power of community, the availability of mentorship, and structured digital marketing agency accelerator courses, anyone can start a digital marketing agency from scratch.

However, it’s essential to recognize that starting a digital marketing agency requires dedication, hard work, and a willingness to learn and adapt. While the factors mentioned above can provide valuable resources, success in digital marketing depends on your ability to stay innovative.

To truly thrive in the digital marketing industry, entrepreneurs must continuously seek new ways to provide value to their clients. Whether exploring emerging technologies or developing novel strategies, success in digital marketing requires a commitment to innovation and creativity.

So, if you’re ready to embark on this exciting and challenging journey, know that the digital marketing industry awaits your unique perspective and ideas. Remember, with the right mindset and approach,