Shei Wah


I feel very strongly about helping small businesses because I’m the proud product of a small business, myself.

It was a small business—managed by a one-woman team during a time when Singapore was still strengthening the foundations of its economic growth—that put me through school and prepared me for my lifelong learning journey in marketing.

My journey in digital marketing began around 2003, a few years after I got out of uni with my engineering degree. Back then, it wasn’t even called “digital marketing”, yet.

I taught myself SEO and put up my first website in 2004, only to have a search engine algorithm change work its black magic on a lot of the websites I was ranking at the time. So I had to go back to working for other people until 2013.

The following year saw the birth of my holding company, NeoRanking, which started out primarily as an SEO agency, but which expanded its service offerings to include social media and search engine marketing.

To reflect this expanded service range, we rebranded the agency as NEO360 in 2016, and we’ve been growing alongside our clients in a variety of industries ever since.

Making my way through my various careers which included stints in insurance sales, startups, corporate and self-employment, I never once lost sight of the fact that everything I’ve achieved in life was made possible by a small business.

And that’s why helping small businesses to succeed is just so important to me. Because I’m fully aware of how there’s a business owner behind every small business, and how that business owner is a person who, just like my Mum, is very likely supporting other people, too.