3 Tips to Improve the Quality of Your Meta/On-Facebook Leads

It’s true that not all leads are created equal — the same rings true for leads generated through Meta/Facebook. It’s easy to say that you generate a hundred leads per day. But if none of those leads convert to paying customers then it’s just money down the drain.

Meta has made it easy for users to fill up an Instant form with their prefilled profile details. Although this has added to the convenience of users, it also made the lead quality lower.

A lot of businesses from varied industries have found that the quality of leads from Meta is lower than they’d have expected compared to other advertising platforms such as LinkedIn or Google Ads.

But that doesn’t mean running On-Facebook leads is a lost cause. You just have to implement the right strategy to make it worth your penny.

In this blog post, we’ll share five tips that will help you generate better quality leads that actually convert!

So, whether you’re just starting out with Meta lead generation or looking for ways to boost your results, read on for some valuable tips.

Tip #1 Ask Pre-Qualifying Questions

…and make sure to ask the right ones. We don’t mean to add more prefill questions which usually consist of contact, user, work, and demographic information. Ask questions designed to meet the expectation of your desired target audience. Meta offers multiple options to add custom questions through Multiple Choice, Short Answer, Conditional Question, or Appointment Request. We recommend adding 1 or 2 pre-qualifying questions to help elevate the quality of your leads.

You can up the ante further by asking non-intrusive questions, and tailoring them according to your offer. One good example of qualifying questions for an aesthetic clinic is allowing the user to express their desired schedule for consultation — using the Appointment Request question and combining it with a Multiple Choice question regarding their desired product or service.

Tip #2 Warm your Audiences through a Funnel

Most new digital marketers underestimate the power of using a funnel in Meta Ads. They overlook the importance of developing touchpoints at different levels of the buyer’s journey — mainly because developing, running, and maintaining a marketing funnel seems complex and expensive.

But as much as we’d like to stick to a single campaign and wait for magic to happen, not using a Meta marketing funnel strategy is a handicap for your marketing efforts. Running a Meta funnel is not at all complex and expensive. It can simply be a 2-level funnel consisting of an awareness campaign and a remarketing campaign.

In Singapore, you can run an awareness campaign with as little as $5 SGD per day. But we recommend at least a $10 SGD budget per day. For new accounts, we suggest starting with the Engagement objective to populate Facebook and Instagram custom audiences such as video views, messaging, post engagement and the like.

Based on our recent study on remarketing campaigns with a total budget of $2,963.51 SGD, Facebook and Instagram custom audiences tend to perform better than website custom audiences.

In addition, you can complement your awareness campaign with a remarketing campaign to retarget your custom audiences.

Tip #3 Use High-Commitment Buttons

The ‘Learn More’ button has always been a go-to button for digital marketers. And why not as it has proven to be effective in raking in more leads. But since it is a low commitment button,  ‘Learn More’ comes with the risk of attracting low-quality leads.

We consider it low-commitment because it does not require a user to perform an action with heavy obligation — as opposed to ‘Subscribe’ or ‘Sign Up’.

So what buttons are considered high-commitment buttons? Here are some:

  • Book Now
  • Subscribe
  • Sign Up
  • Apply Now

Test out one of these buttons to improve the leads that your campaign is generating. But whatever you do, make sure the button you choose fits well both with your ad copy and offer.

So there you have it – three tips to help improve your Meta lead quality. But wait, there’s more!

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