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If you have ever considered running paid ads on Facebook (Meta) or even had experience running it, you may have heard the following advice from well-meaning marketing friends…

  • The quality of Meta leads is low quality. Most of them don’t respond when you contact them. 
  • Facebook leads don’t become paying customers and don’t work at all. 
  • It is super expensive to market on Facebook. 
  • I only get engagement and comments when I boost the post, but no enquiries come in at all.

To add insult to injury, app privacy implementation by the big boys in tech like Apple, Google has made running paid advertising on Facebook more challenging. 

The result? Rising costs and lower returns.

Why not focus on posting organic content to reach your fans and followers? Well, because organic reach by each post you do is getting lower year on year.

Facebook is now a PAY to PLAY platform. So how can you win with Facebook Lead Gen Ads? 

It’s no secret: with a plethora of free courses out there, it’s easy to get started with Facebook Ads. The real challenge is mastering it --- being able to launch, develop and sustain a long-term Facebook Ads framework that you can easily replicate across niches. 

It doesn’t help that it takes effort, time and real money to test so you can develop your winning strategy.

But what if there’s a hack to mastering Facebook Lead Gen ads - a hack that lets you learn a framework that’s systematic, repeatable, and sustainable without the needless amount of effort, time and money spent on guesswork and overcomplicated strategies?

That’s what our Hackalogy Facebook Ads Launch Formula is all about. It’s a tested and proven framework based on our collective experience of running hundreds of successful (and failed) lead gen campaigns for our clients across different industries.

Hackalogy Facebook Ads

Launch Formula

Launch Successful & Sustainable Facebook Lead-Gen Campaigns – Zero to Hero Series

This course is designed to enable anyone new to Facebook Ads to plan, design, execute and optimize a campaign that generates business leads consistently. A lead is someone who has simply indicated that he or she is interested to consider your product or service!

What You Get

Complete blueprint to launch your Meta Lead-Gen Campaign even if you have 0 ad-buying experience.

Powerful methodology to create a Market-aware, Irresistible offer for your products and services.

Proven approach to optimize campaigns based on Real-life Case Studies and Examples to keep the leads flowing constantly.

Delivered through short impactful videos without the fluff to get you from zero-to hero as fast as possible.

Supported with Step-By-Step workbooks, guides and walkthrough to keep your momentum and remove technical roadblocks.

Who It’s For

This course is handcrafted for you…

  • If you are just starting out on Facebook/Meta Ads and want to generate leads fast. 
  • If you already know "roughly " what to do to generate Meta leads but want a proven systematic approach. 
  •  If you consider yourself experienced but want to discover the formula used by our team to generate thousands of leads every year.

How Is This Course Delivered?

The course is 100% delivered online to make your learning quick, effective without useless clutter. You will get to experience…

Why Learn From Us?

We have executed thousands of campaigns over the past many years across multiple industries. We know what we are doing and do it well. Are we perfect? No, but we are always learning and evolving as the platform and marketing landscape evolves. And this is what you will get as well – our latest and most updated strategies and insights.

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Course Outcomes

Launch your Meta Leadgen Campaign with confidence.

Design your Offer that will supercharge your campaign results.

Get insights into what makes Meta Leadgen Campaign really work well.

Use our MAA formula to keep campaign optimisation simple.

Generate leads in a sustained manner for your business.

Start your journey to become an expert Media Strategist.

Additional Bonus!

Even though this programme is delivered 100% online, you will get exclusive access to a Telegram Channel only for our paid clients. This is the place where you can ask non-sensitive campaign questions and get updates.

Course Trainer

Course Trainer



Hendry is a founding partner at Hackalogy and has provided digital marketing consultancy, training and marketing services over the past decade. A self-starter, avid lifelong learner and cellist, Hendry has navigated the dynamic digital marketing landscape together with his team to execute thousands of successful digital campaigns for startups, SMEs and MNCs.

Hendry currently provides advisory and strategic directions for the social media digital team at the digital agency. He has a Master of Science in Computer Science.

Course Fee

Regular Fee: $97 USD 

Special Launch Price: $47 USD