Gain invaluable insights from successful directors of a 7-figure agency,
and utilise their proven blueprint and collective experience to establish your
own distinctive digital marketing agency.

A Unique 3-Month Business Coaching Programme Engineered To Help You Build A Sustainable and Successful Digital Agency

Hello there! We are Shei Wah and Hendry, your main Hackalogy trainers. Thank you for dropping by.

We're sure that our heartfelt sharing here will be worth your valuable time.

We believe that every small and medium business (SMB) deserves to be served by a highly competent digital marketing agency - and we know we can help you BE just that.

As direct beneficiaries of SMEs, we were sometimes appalled by how untrained and unscrupulous marketers were-harming instead of helping.

Right now, there is a growing demand for digital marketing experts that can deliver actual business results.

At the same time, companies want an entity that is responsive, capable and agile enough to be their trusted marketing partner.

Does this sound like you?

In our journey, we have crossed paths with numerous small businesses needing help with their marketing campaigns. Or those that have been disappointed by the agencies they previously hired.

if you have been freelancing for any amount of time, worked as a digital marketing manager, or have only recently started your digital agency. Then, these problems would have been very REAL to you!

You desire to grow a team so that you can work ON the business and not IN it, but
are at a loss when building your superstar team.

Your well-trained staff keep leaving for greener pastures - resulting in constant
staff chum that affects your service quality.

Current clients are constantly harassing you, but at the same time, you struggle to
find time to attract new clients.

You find it impossible to entrust the campaign execution to someone else -
simply because you are always better than anyone you work with.

There are constant and frequent changes in digital marketing platforms and
strategies, leaving you in a constant state of panic.

You forget "small things" like invoicing your clients and spending too much on ads that blow up into substantial cash flow issues that can destroy your business - and mental health.

Our Story

We started as a small team of just three people in 2013, but our ambitions have always been big, even in the early days. For a start, you can check out NEO360 here.

From our simple beginnings, we are proud to progress from a 5... 6 to a 7-figure digital agency. Was it a walk in a park? Definitely not! But navigating the twists and turns of a profitable business can be immensely satisfying.

Over the years, we have taken what we learnt, enhanced it many folds through our collective experience and developed a robust business model that we now know is highly relevant, resilient, and profitable. Not to mention our network of fellow agency owners, from which we also want you to benefit.

Because we understand that running an agency is an exacting undertaking, nobody else would understand your pains and struggles better than kindred spirits like us who have walked intimately in your shoes.

And with that, we present the Hackalogy Agency Accelerator Programme - the entirety of our life's work over the past decade as business partners.

It is our way of ensuring that we nurture more agency owners like yourself who are well-equipped to serve the business community in a highly professional and ethical manner. But unfortunately, there is simply no textbook that will coach you through this process.

A Programme Handcrafted for you!

We have spent many hours discussing and thinking about how best to translate who we are and what we know to you - so that you will get the best experience and value.

We realised that having just an 'online' courses is not enough to give you much lift-off, So we want to make it as personal as possible - because it is a personal adventure for you.

Here's what you will get and experience:

A complete 8-week training blueprint that covers every aspect of building and scaling
the digital business. The training is delivered through in-person or online sessions. This
includes all the guides, templates and SOPs to make it easy for you to follow through

2 Sessions of Group Meetups to work through some of the most challenging issues that you may face as a team.

2 Private 1-1 Coaching Sessions to give you extra special attention and walk you through your unique challenges and opportunities.

Lifetime access to all digital marketing training materials produced, including updates. They contain strategies, walkthroughs and guides for different areas of digital marketing. This enables you to build up your own delivery team with ease.

You will be included in a super-exclusive group of like-minded digital entrepreneurs who can provide that extra peer support and help. Collaborations and partnerships are key too!

For the aspiring agency owner who want more - an exceptional opporunity
to partner with us for even greater growth.

Agency Accelerator
Curriculum & Course Plan


The Genesis Process

We make sure to start you off with the key building blocks of
your agency. We won't waste time on non-essentials!


Uniquely Yours

We know that creating something that is non-generic and is so
'you' is foundational to your long-term success.


The Good Proposal

We help you create a proposal that will get potential clients to want
more of you. Giving you a template is just 'ok' but guiding you to
use it smartly is something else.


Onboarding Clients with Ease

We teach you the essentials like communication protocols, tools, and
templates - not the sexiest of tasks but oh, such a headache reliever!


Client Retention Strategies

We help you master ROI-driven reporting, client intimacy, and building
an incredible client-agency relationship.


The Winning Team Formula

Hiring a team is not just about interviews and resumes - it's an entirely
different world altogether.


Business Financing & Cash Flow Management

You'll learn how to take charge of business finances and manage cash flows
- a vital part of any growing business.


Synthesis & Application

Here's the part where you review and take a moment to craft and finalise
your blueprint for success.

Meet your Programme Coaches

We have been running our agency business with a strong sense of authenticity and honesty, and this is something we have no intention of changing.

This programme will be conducted between the two of us sharing our knowledge, experience and expertise.
Please feel free to check us out on our LinkedIn profiles or contact us if you want to find out more!


Shei Wah adopts a value-driven approach to running practically every aspect of digital agency. His quick, decisive mind, powered by his strength of will, enabled every challenge to be transformed into opportunities for growth.


A digital marketer, educator, and cellist, Hendry picked up all his skills through sheer hard work and persistence. His forte lies in his successful ability to marry his artistic tendencies to that of his analytical mind, thanks to his computer science background.

Testimonials From
Our Students & Clients

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are some questions that may have popped up in your mind, and we are happy to answer them.

What is the total amount that I need to invest in the Agency Accelerator Programme?

This is a great question but one that is not as clear-cut. Depending on the kind of agency you want to create, the amount of investment may vary, not just because of your technology requirements, but also staffing needs.  What we would suggest is to have a minimum of  $5,000 USD (Programme and Start-up Fees) at least. It would also be great to get in touch with us so we can chat about your unique circumstances. You should only do this if you want to build a longer term business you can call your own. It’s not a get rich quick scheme at all.

If you are already running an agency, why do you want to create more competitors?

There are 3 reasons: 

(1) The market for digital marketing is a lot larger than we can imagine. The nature of the industry allows you to compete across geographical boundaries easily and innovate unique offerings to serve the marketplace.

(2) Our agency has a certain value proposition to the marketplace and there are some businesses which are underserved but are not suitable for us.

(3) Both Shei Wah and I are at the stage of our life where we not only desire to pass on what we know but also nurture a collective of agency owners running on sound and ethical principles. Plus there is a powerful network  effect between like-minded entrepreneurs.

What is so special about the Agency Accelerator programme?

The Agency Accelerator Programme is a tailored group experience that has a strong personal coaching element. Imagine it as a powered-up version of a traditional executive MBA programme. The knowledge shared is not available in any textbook or on the internet. Most importantly, our personal reputation is at stake and we want to make sure everyone succeeds if they put in the required commitment and resources.

Is your programme only applicable to the Singapore market?

No, we also have clients across  Asia  and run campaigns throughout the region. Our goal is to share the experiences and thought processes behind building an agency team. Specific marketing strategies may vary from country to country. What we share extends way beyond digital and is even applicable to other businesses as well.

What if I’m just starting out in the marketing business?

Our ideal participant in the programme is someone with digital marketing experience in at least 1-2 areas. If you are from an entirely different industry with zero  marketing experience, you may need to talk to us first if you are really keen on starting something in digital marketing. But we will be transparent to you on the added demands being totally new.

What are the payment plans? And is there a refund mechanism?

We do not have a fixed plan at the moment. For those who are passionate and suitable, we can work  something out. That being said, in case you drop out midway due to legitimate reasons, we can discuss it as well. 



Are you ready to build a formidable digital marketing agency that thrives
amid a highly competitive and ever-changing business landscape?

Then let's do it together, starting now!