Take a look! The New Meta/Facebook Ads Manager Objectives

Facebook-Ads-Manager- Objectives

Meta has forever changed the way ads manager objectives are classified. From 11 objectives, it’s now reduced to 6, and simplified to make it easier for users to choose the objective that fits their business goal best.

Previously, the 11 objectives were categorised according to the funnel stage your campaign is at.


Now, they have designed it to have better alignment with your business outcome, which makes it easier to choose for those who are just starting out with Meta Ads.

The major changes that were made were the removal of the Conversions, Messages, Video Views, and Reach as objectives. But that doesn’t mean you cannot do a messaging campaign or video campaign anymore. These old objectives just now became an option for ad delivery optimisation.

Awareness Traffic Engagement Leads App Promotion Sales
Ad DeliveryOptimisation Reach Calls Thruplay Conversations App installs Conversions
Impressions Link Clicks 2-second continuous video views Landing Page Views App events Impressions
Ad-Recall lift Landing Page Views Convertions Impression Link clicks Daily Unique Reach
Thruplay Impressions Link Clicks Daily Unique Reach Value Link Clicks
2-secondcontinuousvideo views Daily UniqueReach Conversion Link Clicks Conversion
Landing Page Views Conversion App event
Impression Leads Value
Daily UniqueReach Conversion Leads Landing Page Views
App Events Calls App Events
Page Likes

Take note though, not all ad delivery optimisation options are compatible with the conversion location that you choose. Meta will only show you the compatible ad delivery optimisation options after you have chosen your desired conversion location.

Conversion Location vs Conversion Event

Conversion location is simply where you want your audiences to enact your desired action. This can be on your ad, app, website, messaging apps and Instant Forms. For the awareness objective though, it does not require you to choose a conversion location.

Awareness Traffic Engagement Leads App Promotion Sales
Conversion Location N/A Website On Your Ad Website Any apps Website
Link Clicks 2-second continuous video views Landing Page Views App events Impressions
App Messaging Apps Instant Forms App
Messenger Website Messenger Website and App
WhatsApp App Calls Messenger
Calls Facebook Page App WhatsApp

Choosing the right conversion location will heavily depend on your marketing goals. And choosing the right mix of conversion location, ad delivery optimisation, and conversion event will greatly affect the outcome of your campaign.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are new to Facebook advertising or a seasoned pro, it is essential to understand these updates so that you can make the most of this powerful platform. We honestly think that this new version simplifies the process of choosing the right objective and at the same time gives advertisers plenty of space to strategise their campaigns

Have you tried the new ads manager objectives? What do you think of this latest update? Will it help you make better decisions when choosing the right campaign objective?

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